Wedding Reception Becomes Party For Needy Kids

It’s every bride’s nightmare, having to cancel your wedding day at the last minute. When New York bride-to-be Yiru Sun got into a disagreement about a pre-nuptial contract, the wedding was called off.

Her high class affair was still paid for, so she just turned it int a fancy party for some of NYC’s needy children. We think that’s pretty great.

Dozens of families filled the Harold Pratt House on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side Saturday for a special luncheon hosted by Yiru Sun.

“It looks really nice and it’s actually fun to be here,” 9-year-old Imani said.

“I feel special,” 6-year-old Michaela said.

But for Sun, Saturday was supposed to be her special day. She was supposed to get married.

“I all of a sudden thought about maybe I could just convert it to a lunch party for kids,” Sun said.

With help from the Salvation Army and Inwood House, Sun organized a pre-Mother’s Day lunch for people who many not have ever experienced a fancy reception.

“Although I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, all these kids they can have the princess or prince feeling today and I felt very happy about that,” Sun said.

CBS New York