A Wet Wedding in Napa

We’re currently getting so much rain in Napa Valley that some areas are flooding. But according to the Napa Valley Register, that isn’t spoiling the big day for Mariah Galista and Samuel Valle.

Just a short walk away, newlyweds Samuel and Mariah Valle and their wedding party were posing for photos underneath a bridge near the Napa Valley Wine Train depot at the Oxbow Commons. The entire bridal party was planning on being out there taking photos for about two hours, said Maid of Honor Devin Gelista, 19.

“We love our sister and my new brother, so we’re sucking it up,” she said while holding one of the groomsman’s blazers over her shoulders for warmth. They knew the weekend was going to be a wet one.

“We knew and we just said ‘The show will go on,’” Gelista said.

The newlyweds had their ceremony at St. John The Baptist Catholic Church earlier that day.

We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Mariah and Samuel on a dryer day.